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█ ¦¦ Windows/Linux VPS Hosting █ UK/France/USA ¦¦ As low as £4.95/m█
[NOTE: Many other hosting plans are available with them – they host literally anything!]

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Get the cheapest hosting in UK based on a small business. They host absolutely anything. Yes, ANYTHING!
From Game Servers to Voice ServersWebsites to ForumsMySQL Databases to Hard-Drive BackupsShoutCAST to Icecast StationsVPSes to Dedicated Servers; You name it, they’ll host it!*

Their hosting is 100% genuine and completely customisable! Make a VPS quote, or a quote for any service almost immediately by contacting them!

Why choose them?
► They at EpicHosts are, in a way, customers themselves! They view the site as if they were their own customers – that way they ensure every effort of detail is put into the quality of their site so that each customer receives the best experience of all companies, whilst performing a mix of casual and professional procedures to suit everybody’s needs!

► They have earned a fully monitored and confirmed 99.5% uptime within the last 12 months of service (Since 07/13) which beats even the top, most used hosting companies out there to date! This way you will have peace of mind and greatest assurance that your service will have a top-notch uptime when using them! 

► They comprise of only the most professional, qualified and fluent-speaking agents! With fast support and many methods to communicate, there’s always a way to get a hold of them in a way that is most convenient to you! (No one wants their service to be left with an inexperienced, bad English-speaking company possibly run by minors, or who could also possibly be fraudulent or ‘go out of business’ for any reason! 

► They accept over 10 payment methods, which is more than the average hosting company nowadays! Starting from PayPal to Credit/Debit cardsPaySafeCard to SMS/Phone and Bank Transfers to Postal Orders(Cash in Post)! Therefore satisfying even the strictest payment limitations!

► Best of all, They are the only company on many directories, to acquire fully up-to-date certifications and qualifications, whilst also being alive for over 5 years to ensure that they know what we’re doing – as well as juggling all of their customers’ requests in a satisfying amount of time that meets all SLAs(Service-Level Agreements)Now that’s impressive!

They use dedicated machines with the following specifications:
3.6GHz 8 cores
Gigabit Internet Connection
(Speedtest results are based on their VPS and dedicated machine services)

Make a FREE quote now via the Live Chat or the support system on the homepage!

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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