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Singapore KVM VPS (1111)

Beyotta Network offers affordable enterprise class VPS in Singapore. They are a Singapore registered company, have been in business for more than 8 years, and serve more than a dozen satisfied corporate customers. They use 100% enterprise hardware and own all servers that they colocate in the Singapore M1 data center.

Currently they have the following packages on sale:

Package Details – Nylon VII (1111) Package Details – Polyester VII (1111)
Virtualization: KVM
CPU Core: 1
Disk Space: 20GB (SSD RAID10)
Traffic: 500GB / month

IPv4: 1 2
Backup: Weekly (1 retention copy)


SGD 33.33 / Quarter (Approx USD 8.10 / Month)
SGD 122.21 / Year (Approx USD 7.50 / Month)
Virtualization: KVM
CPU Cores: 1
Disk Space: 40GB (SSD RAID10)
Traffic: 1TB / month
IPv4: 1 2
IPv6: /64 (optional by request)
Backup: Weekly (2 retention copies)


SGD 30.00 / Month (Approx USD 22.09 / Month)
SGD 300.00 / Year (Approx USD 18.41 / Month)

Other Packages / Offers

Performance/Network Details

  • Load Averages:
  • Transit: Blended upstream from M1
  • Looking Glass:

ISO images / KVM templates

  • CentOS: 6, 7
  • Debian: 8, 9
  • Ubuntu: 16.04, 18.04

Important Notes

  • Valid while stock lasts.
  • They do not offer free trials and/or refunds.
  • They accept payment from verified PayPal account only.
  • All VPS services are strictly self-managed.
  • Service activation is not instant, VPS is typically provisioned within 48 hours after payment.

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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