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▌Fresh Roasted Hosting▐▌From just $7.49!▐▌#Super Affordable

When you’re tired of playing games with oversold servers and unresponsive support, it’s time to upgrade to Fresh Roasted Hosting. You’ve seen them around — now experience their over-the-top support for yourself! With their enterprise-class hardware, never-overloaded servers, and true 24-hour support, they’ve earned their reputation for happy customers. In fact, the difference between their VPSes and other “discount” VPSes is a lot like the difference between fresh coffee from your neighborhood roaster and cheap coffee from the neighborhood gas station. Theirs is fresh, bold, and robust. Theirs is … cheap.

Just take a look at everything included with their new Barista Series Xen VPSes:

[►] True 24×365 technical support — their help desk staff is always here!
[►] RAID 10 disk space for maximum redundance and performance
[►] FREE instant provisioning!

And that’s only the beginning. If your current host can’t say all that, isn’t it time you upgraded to one of their premium VPSes?

UnroastedGreenLight Roast
$7.49 / mo
10 GB RAID 10 disk space
200 GB premium bandwidth
512 MB RAM + 0 MB swap
1 CPU core
Click here to order
$9.99 / mo
20 GB RAID 10 disk space
1 TB premium bandwidth
1 GB RAM + 256 MB swap
2 CPU cores
Click here to order
$15.49 / mo
50 GB RAID 10 disk space
2 TB premium bandwidth
2 GB RAM + 256 MB swap
3 CPU cores
Click here to order
Medium RoastDark Roast
$19.99 / mo
100 GB RAID 10 disk space
Unmetered premium bandwidth
3 GB RAM + 256 MB swap
4 CPU cores
Click here to order
$27.49 / mo
150 GB RAID 10 disk space
Unmetered premium bandwidth
4 GB RAM + 512 MB swap
6 CPU cores
Click here to order

Got questions? Ask away! Their Barista knows all!

▐█▌ I keep seeing you guys around WHT. Who is Fresh Roasted Hosting?

Fresh Roasted Hosting LLC is a high-end full service hosting company headquartered in Delaware. They offer Varnish-accelerated shared hosting, Xen and OpenVZ VPSes, dedicated servers, colocation, SSL certificates, and domain names. Everything they do is backed by their 24×365 technical support — whether you need them at 3am or 3pm, their technicians are always on duty! You’ll never see their making ridiculous claims like “unlimited bandwidth” or trying to sell you a $1-a-year VPS. Unlike some “discount” hosts, they actually stand behind the services they provide.

▐█▌ Do you have extra IPs available?

Yup! They’ve got plenty of IPv4 and IPv6 space available. All IPv4 requests require proper justification. They carefully evaluate each and every request for IPs, and monitor their network to ensure they are being used appropriately. They reserve the right to deny or revoke additional IP addresses.

▐█▌ Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Just click the name of the VPS you’d like above, or visit their ordering page at

Terms of service: Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Policy: Acceptable Use Policy
Domain Registrant Agreement: Domain Registrant Agreement

All users must pass a fraud check and agree to their TOS and AUP. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal.

We would like to hear your comment / feedback. Have fun!

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