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Celebrating HostHatch’s 13th Business Anniversary with Exciting Deals!

HostHatch is celebrating their birthday! They announced their celebration on LowEndTalk:

They shared that there is a lot of exciting stuff coming soon, including a complete re-write of their panel, promising it to be faster and more responsive. The updated panel should include new features such as bandwidth sharing, more than one ISO per account, proper snapshots with the ability to sync across multiple locations, and firewalls that are outside your VM. They are aiming to have this live by July 1st.

On the 11th of April 2024, they celebrated their 13th year in business! To mark this milestone, they have some special offers available. Note that most of these offers are similar to their old promotions, so apologies if you were hoping for something entirely new, but they continue to strive towards adding more value in other areas.

13 years is a long time, especially in the IT industry.

HostHatch referring to their offers as reruns. However, these rerun offers are not disappointing! Here are a few examples:

  • In places like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London and Stockholm, you can access 6 cores (2 dedicated, 4 fair-share) with 24GB of RAM, 300GB NVMe storage, and 50TB bandwidth for only $115 per year.
  • If storage is your priority, you can get 4 cores fair share, 4GB RAM, 20GB SSD for OS, 4TB RAID-10 HDD, plus 20TB bandwidth in LA, NY, or Chicago, all for the same price!
  • If you’re looking for a more basic, functional VPS, there’s an offer of 2 cores (.5 dedicated to you, 1.5 fair share) with 4GB RAM, 50GB NVMe, and 5TB bandwidth for just $29/year.
  • They also have smaller storage deals, such as a 1 core/1GB RAM box with 1TB of HDD and 5TB of bandwidth, again for only $35/year.

These are some really great deals! There are numerous permutations available: cheaper prices for longer terms, the option to pay a bit more or accept lower specs in other locations, double the bandwidth for prepay, and more.

Congratulations toHostHatch for their incredible business longevity, having been operational since 2011. That’s back in the iPhone 4S days, the Ivy Bridge years, the Obama administration. They must be doing something right. We’d love to hear about your experiences with HostHatch. We’ve generally received positive feedback, especially about their storage offers!

So, why not give them a try or, if you’re already a customer, expand your fleet? We’d love to hear how it goes in the comments below.


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