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Edge Centres Makes Major Acquisition of QuadraNet

Edge data center firm Edge Centres has acquired QuadraNet.

QN has been an integral part of our community for quite some time. Their first mention traces back to 2011 when they were one of the data centres utilized by Kazila. It’s fascinating to note that Kazila still operates.

This acquisition brings ten additional facilities to Edge Centres’ presence in North America, expanding their reach to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New Jersey, Reston, St. Louis, and Seattle.

QuadraNet, established in 2001, will now be helmed by Edge Centres’ CTO Kiarash Jahangiri as CEO.

“Edge Centres’ bold series of acquisitions made over the last year will now be unified under the QuadraNet brand. Stepping into the role of CEO at one of the fastest growing companies in the US data center and server market is a great privilege,” said Jahangiri, in a Datacenter Dynamics article that…

…was removed?  But was caught in Google’s cache. (here, too, as of this moment).

Article is timestamped today so presumably it’s very current.  I wonder why it was pulled down?

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