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Get cPanel VPS Licenses for Just $4.00/Month and Dedicated for Only $4.50/Month – Here’s an Important Detail You Should Know!

Check out these awesome prices, guys:

Amazing, right?  We had a ticket recently in which the would-be poster offered these amazing prices:

  • cPanel VPS – $4.00 USD
  • cPanel Dedicated – $4.50 USD
  • CloudLinux – $4.50 USD
  • Plesk VPS – $3.50 USD
  • Plesk Dedicated – $4.00 USD
  • DAReseller – $3.00 USD
  • LiteSpeed – $4.00 USD
  • Imunify360 – $3.00 USD


It goes without saying, this is fraudulent. A member of LowEndTalk, @0xOkami, clarifies the situation:

The shared licenses for cPanel are essentially comprised of rewritten/nullified license files and obstructions to the original cPanel licensing servers. What you’re really paying for is a crack, with most shared license providers making use of the “GBLicense” system. This system, through its employment of proxies, is able to activate numerous services like DA, cPanel, Imunify, and so forth. Since these providers have no operational costs, the entirety of your payment is essentially profit. However, the large majority of cPanel cracks are unstable and often fail (due to WebPros) who continue to add more checks in their systems.

Additionally, 9/10 of these systems can install a backdoor in your system, leaving you vulnerable.

The specific scammer’s website that we’re discussing provides lofty promises of “free technical support”, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t supplied by cPanel. Their means of communication? Whatsapp. And, to be frank, if you start posing more complex questions, they’re likely to stop responding, all the while keeping the profits you’ve already handed over. It’s highly unlikely they have a team of cPanel experts awaiting your queries.

In conclusion, if you encounter offers of “shared” licenses, best to disregard them. If you need cPanel, you’ll unfortunately have to pay the cPanel prices.

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