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Navigating MetalVPS: What to Do With an Inexperienced Administrator and a Missing Billing Panel?

Are you interested in a VPS under these conditions?

  • An administrator who openly admits to a lack of technical background and limited technical skills.
  • There is no graphical panel.
  • The VPS operates under Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Absence of an onboarding process.
  • No existing knowledge base.
  • Setting up the account may take some time.
  • The system might occasionally require maintenance reboots.
  • Data backups are not provided.
  • Your VPS is viewed as short-lived by the owners.

Does this resemble an appealing offer?

Let’s elaborate a little more on this:

  • VMs areFREE (sometimes)
  • It’s a community project run by our own @Not_Oles

What I’m referring to is MetalVPS, a side project that @Not_Oles runs and @FatGrizzly helps with.  It’s a “pay what you think is right” service, or as they put it:

  • Minimum price offers like $1.01 will be considered. Free offers will be considered too.

You can also get accounts for $1.01/ONCE.

Should your small business shopping cart be transferred to MetalVPS? No! However, if you have any hobby projects, surveillance scripts, or other minor concerns, why not try MetalVPS?

There is plenty more to peruse including YABS in @Not_Oles most recent discussion on LowEndTalk.

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