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Current Sales Event: Exclusive Deals on DataWagon’s Dedicated Services

Are you in search of an affordable dedicated server from a reliable supplier?

Your search ends here at DataWagon’s Dedicated Sales event!

Reasons to opt for DataWagon:

  • They are not resellers – they own all of their servers and networking equipment!
  • DataWagon manages and runs its network, boasting a capacity of over 100 Gbps.
  • Available in 2 locations – Buffalo, NY and Chicago, IL.
  • Setup in 15 minutes – Say no to waiting!

Great prices on offer here. For example, get a Xeon E3-1240 with 16GB of RAM and a 500GB SSD for only $35/month! Get an e3-1241 with 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD for only $39/month!

Many, many more deals available – a full spread of savings! Just head on over to the LowEndTalk thread.

And do it quick!

We only have single pieces of servers left in this promotion – first come, first served. If you see the words “Out of Stock” – you have to wait for the next delivery.

So go now!

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