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Making the Most of Surf Hosting’s Affordable VPS Offer in Chicago: A Dress Code Guide

Welcome, Surf Hosting!

“I’m Shaum, the founder of Surf Hosting, and I’m stoked to have you here. This journey started with a passion for hosting and a desire to create something special. Now, it’s evolved into a community-driven space where we prioritize your success above all else.

Here, it’s not just about servers and bandwidth; it’s about understanding your unique needs and goals. So, let’s kickstart this adventure together. Trust me, with us by your side, your dreams are in good hands.”

And man is their crew immaculately dressed.

Surf Hosting is lead by a self-described “Sales & Marketing Genius”.  And their firm offers some really nice prices.  They do shared hosting, Minecraft hosting, and dedicated servers but let’s take a look at their VPS prices since, you know, this is LowEndBox!

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 V4
  • 2 CPU vCores
  • 6GB DDR4 Memory
  • 90GB NVMe Storage
  • 3TB Traffic
  • DDoS Protected
  • Chicago
  • $5.88/month!

Nice. That works out to 98 cents per GB per month which is the Holy Grail of pricing – less than $1 per month! Of course, they have many bigger packages available, too.

Let’s toss them a couple questions:

Q: What makes your company unique?

A: We’ve switched between many hosting providers over the years and discovered that something was always absent, whether it was reliability, speed, assistance, or even ethics. Quite a few providers utilize obsolete equipment and those who use more advanced equipment consume a significant amount of energy and resources, resulting in a large carbon footprint. Surf Hosting was born out of the need for a comprehensive solution.

Q: What makes your service a good choice for customers?

Our main commitments at Surf Hosting are to provide the highest quality service possible and treat every customer as individuals rather than just another number on our list, regardless of how much we grow. Our basic values play a crucial role in our success. We strongly believe in karma – if you do good things for the world, then good things will happen to you in return. As part of this belief, we’ve pledged to donate 3.4% of our profits to initiatives aimed at removing carbon and planting trees to help create a greener future.

Plus, our attire…so slick.

They’ve only been around for a year, but have a 4.8 on TrustPilot which is awesome.

What do you think? Give ’em a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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