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Sam Altman Agrees to Conceal Details about Safety, According to OpenAI

As has been reported all over the Internet, Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI) is a liar.

When Altman was briefly fired, Helen Toner, former board member, said “all four of us came to the conclusion that we just couldn’t believe things that Sam was telling us.”

The deception isn’t around finances or personal peccadillos, but rather a pretty important topic: AI safety.  Toner continues:

“On multiple occasions, he gave us inaccurate information about the formal safety processes that the company did have in place,” she said, “meaning that it was basically impossible for the board to know how well those safety processes were working or what might need to change.”

In other words, Altman and the scientists at OpenAI regularly favor the exciting, novel AI invention and circle back at a later point – if at all – to hesitantly acknowledge safety as a secondary thought.  What other way can we interpret Altman’s obsession with ScarJo and his choice to employ her voice despite her refusal?

And they’re once again paying mere lip service. OpenAI has announced they’re establishing a fresh safety committee. The previous one was disbanded. This new one will be made up of three board members – the same board that Altman misled.

Nothing can possibly go wrong when the predator is in charge of protecting the prey.

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