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Final Countdown: MangoMail’s Spring Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Last call!

If you’ve been delaying the decision to sign up for Mango Mail, now is the time to stop hesitating! They’ve extended their promotional offer which includes a 3 month free trial with any Mango Mail subscription plan you choose. However, you only have until March 31st, 11:59PM Eastern to capitalize on this offer! Simply start or upgrade a plan before this deadline to enjoy this special deal.

Remember to spread the love and inform a friend about this deal as well. Find more details below on Mango Mail’s fresh ‘Refer-a-Friend’ program. Sign up, receive your unique referral link and then watch the free months add up as more and more people use your link to sign up. The sky’s the limit! The more friends you have, the more free months you get!

What Makes Mango Mail the Right Choice?

  • 1-Click DNS: Forget about manual DNS configuration and get set up in one click!
  • Lightning Fast Customer Support: Get help in a matter of minutes with their speedy customer support.
  • Custom Filters: Build server-side filters to create a custom mail flow solution
  • Advanced Security Measures: Mango Mail prevents the use of leaked passwords and offers TOTP 2FA.
  • Intuitive UI/UX: Easily control all your emailing needs across all your domains and business in a simple, unified dashboard
  • High Reputation: Mango Mail provides high sending reputation by constantly watch their IP traffic, staying up-to-date with the latest security policies, and preventing email abuse before it even happens.
  • Excellent Trustpilot reviews that demonstrate that customers not only enjoy the simplicity of their service but also the extent of their customer support.

Mango Mail is an affordable email host tailored for small businesses. We charge based on data usage instead of number of users, allowing you to create as many addresses and connect as many domains as you need. We’ve been up & running since January 2023 and pride ourselves on ease-of-us, reliable service, and fast customer support. We support advanced features including Custom Filters, Aliases, Cross-Domain Aliases, Catch-Alls, Plus Addressing, Subdomain Addressing, and more. We also have countless guides and tutorials to help customers every step of the way.

Read more on their web site, and check out their terms of service while you’re there. They use Stripe for payments and accept all methods supported by that processor.


Refer-A-Friend is Mango Mail’s referral program where you and your friends can earn free service simply by spreading the word! The Refer-A-Friend program has no limit, so you can earn as many months of free service as your heart desires! You can learn more about Refer-A-Friend in their friendly docs. Already a user? Go here to get your unique referral link.


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