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Netcup Users Outraged Over Throttling of Supposedly Dedicated Cores

LowEndTalk was abuzz this week with insights and grievances from Netcup consumers.

These members, whom we cherish, purchased Netcup servers boasting dedicated cores, only to discover that their performance has decreased by half in some scenarios. But why?

A longtime LET user, @Neoon, explained:

They put too many “dedicated” virtual servers on their nodes. The Forum is overwhelmed with complaints about individuals wanting to cancel their contracts and potential customers opting for other providers.

@vpn2024 stated:

Ultimately, all Ponzi schemes collapse. The resources being sold do not exist. To keep this scheme running they are not just halting withdrawals, but also seem to be creatively throttling services.

To illustrate the severity:

@Moopah provided some insights:

Netcup RS G11 - April 20, 2024

Running GB6 benchmark test...



Test | Value


Single Core | 2069

Multi Core | 6804

Full Test | https://browser.geekbench.com/v6/cpu/5819654

Netcup RS G11 - May 28, 2024


Test | Value


Single Core | 1071

Multi Core | 3249

Full Test | https://browser.geekbench.com/v6/cpu/6316670

Youch. That’s a significant reduction, more than 50%.

The appeal of dedicated cores largely stems from their performance capabilities. Users typically opt for dedicated cores when they intend to fully utilize them over prolonged periods. Otherwise, what’s the point in investing in them?

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Previously, Netcup offered a deal featuring 4 dedicated cores and 8GB RAM for €10/month. Even a deal with 4 shared cores and 8GB RAM would be exceptionally competitive. In a recent check of Netcup’s website, they are now listing it for only €6.85/month.

I managed to add the item to my cart and complete the registration without any indication that it was out of stock, suggesting that, contrary to earlier reports of halted G11 sales, they are now back on but possibly with modified processors.

I selected the “zum” VPS G11 – as of now, it features prominently on their website.

This promotion seems to have been extremely successful, leading Netcup to creatively adapt. Many on LET suspect that the influx of crypto miners, attracted by the reasonably priced dedicated cores, is significant.

What’s your take? Are you using G11? How do you view Netcup’s strategy regarding this issue?

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